Why Lazzoni ?

In order to qualify a furniture without verbal lecture; Quality materials, workmanship, after-sales service and many other factors must coexist. In today’s furniture industry, where all furniture brands resemble each other, Lazzoni is a model with its own unique design line. Many factors quality materials, craftsmanship and aftersales service must coexist. In today’s furniture industry, that all furniture brands look like each other, Lazzoni is a model with its own unique design line.

• Lazzoni has the power to deliver all your orders quickly with its production capacity.

• Lazzoni make difference with customer satisfaction at the forefront without intending to profit by aftersales services.

• R & D department and design team do not only prepare new products, they constantly revise the whole product range according to current needs and new production technologies.

• The product range includes products that are suitable for trends, produced in high quality, and can respond to every need.

• Lazzoni always support the quality of its products and proves it with guarantee possibilities.

• Lazzoni offering a great price advantage to distributor because entire production process is organized in its own facility.

Why should i become a Lazzonian


• Over 100 years of knowledge and experience

• Market leader in premium furniture segment

• Brand strength and reliability

• Growth acceleration in the furniture market

• Market sustainability

• Investment can be return in very short periods

• Distinctive approach in quality, organizational qualification and after-sales service

• Training supports

• Publicity power

Step 1. Making the application
You can complete your application by filling out the Franchise Application Form completely. Applications made via telephone, fax or mail outside the Internet will not be considered.

Step 2. Evaluation of the application (One week)

The form that reaches us via the internet is evaluated within one week. Negative applicants are notified by e-mail.

Step 3. Visiting Evaluation of Candidate Store (One week)
If your application is positive, the candidate store will visited within one week and make an on-site evaluation.

Step 4. Evaluation of Franchise Candidate (3 days)
Following the completion of the examinations within three days appointment of franchise candidates will be given for face to face interview. Detailed information about participation in the franchise system will be given to the candidate in this interview.

Step 5. Feasibility Study (5 days)
The feasibility of the candidate store is prepared within five days. The properties, advantages and disadvantages of the region are determined. The estimated profit / loss table is prepared.

Step 6. Sharing the Feasibility Report (2 days)
If the report prepared as a result of the feasibility is positive, it will be shared within two days.

Step 7. Signing of the Franchise Convention (One week)
The list of documents required for preparation and signature of the franchise agreement will be given.

Step 8. Start of the Architectural Project (15 days)
The architectural team will visit the candidate store within five days and take the survey and determine the concept that will be implemented.

Step 9. Pricing of the project (10 days)
Within ten days, the project is priced separately as decoration and equipment. (All projects are priced on a turnkey basis by the Lazzoni architectural team.)

Step 10. Initiation of Architectural Practice (40 days)
After the turnkey deposit and payment terms are approved by the entrepreneur, the orders are given within one week and the project application start.

Step 11. Staff Recruitment and Training (40 days)
The list of necessary staff and qualifications for Lazzoni store to be opened determine by the Lazzoni Human Resources Department. The training will be completed in twenty days under the supervision of our consultant and all team trainings, especially for the manager will be at Lazzoni factory as well as our selected pilot stores. ((If necessary, recruitment of staff can be done by Human Resources.)

Step 12. Delivery of Product Orders and Production Process (45 days)
Orders that pass through technical and financial approvals are placed on the production schedule, ready to be shipped after 45 days.

Step 13. Shipment and Installation (One week)
After the architectural application process is completed, the products are shipped and the installation and assembly process begins.

Step 14. Preparation of Advertisement and Promotion Materials
A week before the opening, brochures, catalogs, promotional folios etc. and printed advertising materials of the Lazzoni collections identified by Lazzoni design team and delivered to the store in print.

Step 15. Franchise Opening
After the application is completed, the opening preparation of our store will be completed approximately within hundred and ten days. Sale starts with the store support team after checked by the operation team and ready to open.